The unveiling of the eight guilds

The First encounter

The adventurers were all given a strange letter by a black haired elven man. when the team arrived they were more than happy to introduce each other, while they waited around a stone archway the began to talk amongst themselves until a small man came from beyond the archway and started yelling at them. With some proper intimidation from Shojin leads them into a hidden city which has just been destroyed merely hours ago. While the people were evacuating members of the guilds. they meet a wounded and one legged Gazril who tells them that in order for them to help the guilds they must pass a right of passage.

Shortly after they begin to search the wreckage only to find what appears to be a crystal scale, and a few notes in one of the houses pertaining to the group, a person named Pariah, and something called Miryarch. after searching in the wreckage they head off into the dungeon of trials where they were stuck for quit some time at the first door, searching for traps or any illusions. once inside the group took a long time getting passed the first hallway after a small scare with a magic spell not fully reaching the end of the hallway. once finally into the first room they come at a crossroads with two doors a “blue” doorway with a sword and shield, and a “Red” doorway with a sorcerer’s hat. the group after a long discussion decided to take the blue room and face off against Linus the Minotaur.

The session stopped shortly thereafter

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